CAC 2018 Chicago Marathon Training Program

Are you running the 2018 Chicago Marathon? Train with CAC! Our comprehensive 4 month running and strength training program will get you to the finish line in record time. This 16 week program begins on June 17th. The training schedule is adaptable for ALL fall marathons.

Why Join

Are you running the 2018 Chicago Marathon? Join the CAC Online Marathon training program for expert guidance in your race to the finish line.

16 Week Run Plan: 17 time marathon runner, Ironman, and CAC group fitness extraordinaire, Julie Speck, provides a 16 week running program that will get you to the finish line. 

16 Week Strength Program: CAC trainer and Olympic track athlete, Egle Staisiunaite, provides a 16 week strength program designed to support your running and keep you injury free. The program adapts as your mileage increases.

Live Coaching Support: Each month, join your CAC running coach, CAC strength coach, and NovaCare physical therapist, for live team educational events. You'll work on your running technique, practice your strength training form, and receive injury prevention advice.

Online Coaching: Support from your team of coaches throughout the entire process via our online training resource.

Group Cross Training: Special cross-training classes offered only for our CAC marathon training group members!

Good Form Running Workshop: Two running technique workshops to improve your running efficiency and help avoid injury.  Home exercises will be provided.

Recovery Services from NovaCare: Access to the Injury Hotline and free injury assessments in the clinic. A physical therapist will evaluate if Cupping, Dry Needling, or Tissue work would be beneficial for you at any point.

Video Gait Analysis: A special reduced rate of $65 (normally $135) for CAC marathon training participants, or you can use your insurance.

Lifelong Friendships: Meet and train with other CAC marathon runners and create lifelong friendships over the next 4 months!

Day of Support: Get Chicago Marathon day support from CAC at our course stops on the big day.

Join the CAC Online Marathon Training program to be ready for every step of your run in the 2018 Chicago Marathon!